Oak Hills Gun Club
12364 Coon Hunters Road
Blue Grass, IA 52726-9363
(563) 381-2677
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Originally know as the Coon Hunters Association.  It was formed in 1934 and purchased land it now uses
the same year.  The purpose was to run coon dogs and participate in coon hunting. Most of the members
were also hunters and they used the grounds for rifle shooting as well as coon dog trials.  It was used by
members for themselves and their friends, but not on a commercial basis.  Trap shooting also was a
common activity of the members and their guests on the grounds.   

Sometime in 1949 a large number of club members became interested in affiliating with the National Rifle
Association and sometime in 1951 those members did so affiliate.  Sometime thereafter the club changed
their name to a rifle club and later to the present name of Oak Hill Gun Club.  Interest in coon hunting and
coon dog trials died out.

Things stayed the same for many years until 1964 or 1965 the National Guard did considerable work
building the berms now is use today.   

In the mid 80's the covered firing point on the pistol range was built.

In the mid 90's the covered firing point on the rifle range was built.

In the early 2000's many improvements were made to the rifle range. Including extended covered firing
point and improved parking.   

2003 has seen many improvements made at the club. One of the largest improvements was to the rifle
range. Raising the 100yd. and 200yd. berms. Improving the target area drainage and safety.

The firing point has a concrete deck, concrete shooting benches and improved CMP Match firing points.
Bench rest is a very active part of the schedule as is the CMP and Black powder shooting. Last year saw
the addition of Springfield matches to our schedule. They have proven to be of interest and have been
included in the current year’s schedule. The drainage has been addressed to eliminate the swampy
grounds after a rain.
The Trap shooting has been very active, with shooting every Wednesday and going into dark. There has
been new lighting installed to aid in the night shooting. There has been a new trap machine installed,
recently. We no longer have break downs every round.
1/19/2011 - Calendar updated

Club Match Contact information:
Bill Allison [email protected]