Members Only
Welcome to the members only section of the Iowa State Rifle Pistol Association Website.

This page will have listed the current by-laws, all newsletters, and all meeting minutes.

Please check back periodically to see if new information has been set up.  One feature that I am
now able to offer is to allow members to have their out e-mail address with @iowastateriflepistol if
they want one.  With the server I have, we can have up to 200 different addresses, and I only plan on
using about 25 or so for the executive and directors board.  Please send me an e-mail at
[email protected]  I also need to know if you already have a yahoo account.  If you
do, please send me your user name (our website and e-mail server are hosted through yahoo).  
Once the treasurer has confirmed you are a member in good standing, I will set up your account,
and e-mail you the instructions on how to set it up.  The treasurer will also get a list of all active e-
mail accounts at each quarterly meeting, and accounts no longer in good standing will be

You need Adobe Acrobat to open .pdf files.  You can get free file readers at the following link: